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Virginia School of Pet Grooming Training Program in Manassas

The Virginia School of Pet Grooming in Manassas, VA bas been teaching professional pet grooming for over 30 years. Learn more about the programs we offer by reviewing the program descriptions below.

History of the Dog

A study of the evolution of the canine. Each AKC breed will be studied according to breed group and students will gain the ability to identify each breed individually as well as becoming familiar with the backgrounds and standards of each.

Animal Psychology and Behavior

Discussion of the canine as a pack animal and relating these instincts to canine behavior in pets. An understanding of this behavior will aid the student in the handling of dogs during the grooming process. We will also cover the application of humane restraining techniques for a variety of situations.

First Aid and CPR for Dog, Cat, and Man (Video)

Administration of first aid for a dog or cat in life threatening situations, prevention of further complications/injury and sustaining life until professional help can be obtained. Human first aid will include how to administer to a dog or cat bite until professional help can be obtained (Feline section will be omitted for those programs not including training with cats).

Selection of Equipment: Safety, Care, and Sanitation

The various types of grooming equipment available and the importance of proper selection is discussed. Instruction on the correct application and handling of basic equipment will be given to the student. Safety precautions followed in the grooming salon and the importance of properly disinfecting equipment to prevent the transmission of parasites and disease will be covered and applied on a daily basis. Students will be required to clean and disinfect their own equipment and work area during the practical portion of this program.

Diseases/Parasites: Identification and Sanitation

An overview of contagious disease in the canine and feline. Students are instructed on how to communicate to the client in regard to suspected illness and the importance of recommending veterinary attention when indicated. Students will be taught to recognize the parasites which commonly host on the internal and external anatomy of the dog and cat. Symptoms, life cycles, yard control and prevention are stressed.

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